Breaking Barriers: Overcoming Legacy Systems in Beverage Distribution with Descartes 

Learn how Mitchell Distributing overcame legacy systems in beverage distribution with Descartes. Discover the power of data-driven decision-making, sequential solution implementation, and proactive planning for successful modernization. 

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Discover firsthand from Will Woodall at Mitchell Distributing as he shares their journey to modernizing routing and mobile systems. Mitchell Distributing, a key player in total beverage distribution, tackled challenges with outdated spreadsheets and tribal knowledge in routing head-on. With Descartes, they implemented strategic route planning, nightly routing, and live daily tracking, resulting in a significant enhancement of their routing functionality and the provision of better data for informed decision-making.

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Presented by: 

  • Will Woodall, Sales Execution Coordinator at Mitchell Distributing. Since 2016, Will has spearheaded operational and sales performance analysis. In 2019, he led route optimization efforts, recognizing its potential impact on the company's success. With a relentless focus on data, Will drives informed decision-making to maximize efficiency and drive results.  
  • Chris Jones, Executive Vice President, Industry and Services for Descartes. Chris Jones is primarily responsible for Descartes industry thought-leadership activities and implementation services for Descartes' solutions. With over 30 years of experience in the supply chain market, Chris has held a variety of senior management positions including: Senior Vice President at The Aberdeen Group, Executive Vice President of Marketing and Corporate Development for SynQuest, Vice President and Research Director for Enterprise Resource Planning Solutions at Gartner and Associate Director Operations and Technology Kraft Foods. 

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