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White papers and thought leadership, curated by industry experts to provide in-depth analysis on improving fleet performance and enhancing customer experiences.
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Customers share how they are overcoming their logistics challenges by partnering with Descartes.
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Enhance your fleet’s performance, reduce costs, and improve service with Descartes’ next-generation solutions.
Discover the latest industry fleet and customer experience best practices.

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Enhance the customer experience with last mile tracking, notifications and feedback for deliveries, field service, and order collection.

From fleet novice to expert, Descartes' Fleet Resource Center provides you the information you need to improve or fundamentally change fleet performance. The tutorials, customers' success stories, thought leadership, solution fact sheets, and industry news give you the insights you need on routing, mobile, and telematics to make a difference. Explore and learn!

Fleet Fundamentals

We break down the basics of route planning, optimization, and more

machine learning digital artwork
6 Ways Machine Learning Can Improve Fleet Performance
Machine learning can help fleet operators maximize the fleet performance improving the accuracy of data used to plan and execute deliveries.
digital map illustration
Driver Shortage? Use Route Optimization to Get the Most from Your Existing Drivers
As fleet operators continue to combat the driver shortage, route optimization is playing a critical role in increasing the effective capacity of existing drivers and keeping them.
Hybrid route planning map
What is Hybrid Route Planning and What Are its Benefits?
Hybrid route planning combines the best of static and dynamic route planning for maximum productivity and leading customer service.

Expert Insights

Access a wealth of information from industry thought leaders

Distribution eBook Cover on tablet
Next Generation Distribution Strategies, Tactics, and Technologies

Fleet Data eBook Cover
Fleet Data is the New Oil
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Fleet Innovation Resource Center

Customer Success

Customers share their business transformation stories

Heartland Coca-Cola Bottling Company

Descartes’ route execution and fleet performance management solution and Geotab telematics ticked all the boxes, ensuring compliance and enabling this business's teams to gain actionable insights to help streamline operations.  
Customer Showcase

Meet some of the companies using Descartes' solutions to transform their fleet performance.
Border States
Border States

Border States, the sixth-largest electrical distributor in the US, is reshaping its operational landscape through Descartes' advanced route planning, dispatch, and execution solution.

Fleet Solutions

Explore our routing, mobile & telematics platform

Route Planning & Optimization
From strategic route creation to same-day delivery, improve your fleet's productivity and customer service.
Mobile Apps
Enable drivers to better execute routes and collect POD information such as signature, pictures and more.
Van Driving down the road
Safety, Telematics & Compliance
Capture critical vehicle operating information and comply with regulatory mandates such as ELD, HOS, Working time directive, etc.

Customer Engagement

Transform your customer experience while lowering operational costs

What is Customer Engagement and Why is it Important?

Put customers at the heart of your business while driving operational efficiencies.
How to Enhance Field Service and Last Mile Delivery with Order Tracking

How to level up your customer experience with final mile tracking.
5 Reasons Customers Love Real-Time Order Tracking

In recent years, expectations for customer service have significantly shifted.


See how we support a range of industry verticals

Food Service
Descartes helps food service companies meet the broad range of challenges they face by providing advanced solutions that enable the differentiated services that can help them grow and improve margins.
Building Supply & Materials
Descartes' breadth and depth of knowledge in the building supply and construction industries can transform business processes while improving overall performance.

Leading retailers, large and small, around the world count on Descartes to empower their supply chains to engage customers and build loyalty, growth and keep costs under control.
Wholesale & Distribution
Descartes offers breakthrough solutions that enable wholesale and distribution businesses to overcome challenges and offer customers differentiated services, enabling them to expand and increase margins.

In the News

Get the latest on Descartes and its fleet performance technology

image - artificial intelligence
Logistics Viewpoints: AI-based Configuration
Optimization technologies that solve the most challenge or unique problems are the most complex. The key for fleets is knowing which combination of settings create the desired data results.
Truck News: 3 Keys to Digitize Your Truck Fleet
When digitizing, fleets that embrace telematics data and artificial intelligence can better plan and optimize routes, dispatch and track deliveries, and seamlessly inform everyone.

Digital Twin Final
Construction Executive: How Bots Transform Route Planning and Delivery Scheduling
With supply chain disruptions, expedient delivery of building supplies becomes even more critical for managing construction timelines and costs.

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