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ICS2: Countdown to Compliance

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Due to the high level of interest in the ICS2 regulation, Descartes is pleased to offer an informative on-demand web seminar, “ICS: Countdown to Compliance”

Freight forwarders and carriers know that ICS2 will be required on 1 March 2023. However, many still have questions about ICS2 and how the regulation will impact operations. The interactive session features a general informative overview of the regulation, full industry questions and answers, and explains how to comply.

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We received a large number of questions about ICS2 and would like the opportunity to share the answers with you. Click the button below to download the Q&A document.

Gain Insight from Our Industry Thought Leaders

Martin Meacock

Vice President, Product Management

Glenn Palanacki

Vice President, Industry Strategy

Jan Markill

Account Executive, Global Sales

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