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Import Control System 2 (ICS2) for Freight Forwarders

Enabling Compliance with Pre-Arrival Security EU ICS2 Customs Filing Requirements

Screening shipments before they arrive in the EU is a high priority to ensure security. However, maintaining compliance with evolving regulations can be complex.

With a deep understanding of Import Control System (ICS) filing requirements including the ICS2 format, Descartes can help enable ICS customs compliance as regulations change.

Descartes Extensibility Makes Us Different

Descartes’ adaptable, turnkey architecture and extensibility for security requirements, such as the EU ICS Filing initiative, make us unique in the industry. With many countries adopting similar regulations worldwide to screen shipments before they arrive, companies can simply add new modules as they expand.

ICS Customs Compliance Software

“Dole handles a substantial amount of import and export filings to and from Europe on a daily basis, so optimizing the quality and flow of information across the entire supply chain is a continuous effort and goal. Descartes is a sophisticated application, and the user-friendly dashboard reduces managing the complexity of EU customs processes to a minimum."

— John Trummel, Vice President and General Manager, Dole Ocean Cargo Express

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