The handling of personal information may vary depending on the nature of your relationship with Descartes. As such we have tailored these privacy policies specifically to address the different situations under which we may have a relationship with you.

General Privacy Policy
This privacy policies describes our use of personal information in the context of users of our websites, the marketing activities we conduct, and interactions with Descartes employees and authorized representatives.
Commercial Relationship Privacy Policy
This privacy policy describes our privacy and security practices that apply when handling the personal information of our customers, resellers, and end users.
Recruitment Privacy Policy
This privacy policy describes our handling of personal information provided to us during the employee recruitment process.
Privacy Choices
This section describes the options and preferences available to you as it relates to your personal information.
Supplemental Privacy Information
This section provides additional information related to one or more privacy policies.
Cookie Usage Policy
This section outlines how Descartes uses cookies on its websites.
Product Policies
Certain Descartes products and services may have specific privacy policies applicable only to all or part of that product or service only.