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Access our complimentary series that covers the four components to digitize operations. Learn the value of embracing the digital trend, common challenges, and read the stories of forwarders who are thriving through effective digitization!  

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Descartes is pleased to offer a 4-part series of pieces that covers how freight forwarders are digitizing using:

  1. Customer-Facing Enablement – Today’s customers have high expectations. They anticipate online visibility, continuous communication, and self-service access.

  2. Collecting Data and Effective Integration – Seamlessly passing and collecting data to and from customers and logistics partners is fundamental to effective digitization.

  3. Effective Automation – Automating as much manual work as possible can free resources and help forwarders untangle from legacy analog-driven, labor-intensive processes.

  4. Global Price Management – Learn how forwarders are combining a digital customer booking experience with automated price management to capture market share and improve profitability.