Enhanced Risk Management Solutions

Sanctioned Party Ownership to FCPA to Adverse Media—and more.

Maintain compliance with international trade regulations and avoid reputational damage that could be associated with working with organizations that may be involved in unsavory activities.

Gone are the days when organizations could get away with simply screening against Watch Lists published by government sources

Descartes Visual Compliance has solutions that can help. By leveraging data provided by industry-leading sources for worldwide news and business information, Descartes Visual Compliance users can screen for Sanctioned Party Ownership, Politically Exposed Persons (PEP)—and a number of other risk-related areas.

Added Layer of Due Diligence
By including Risk Management solutions within your Descartes Denied Party Screening solution, you can help mitigate risk by getting the facts surrounding your customers, clients, and other third parties with whom you conduct business.
Screen the Way You Want to
Our screening options allow you to screen in a way that works best for your organization. Regardless of whether you screen online, in bulk, or via integration with your business systems—we can have you up-and-running in as little as a day.
Results Appear As Part of Denied Party Screening
By adding Enhanced Risk Management solutions to your screening processes, potential matches will appear in the same interface as your standard restricted party screening results. There's no need for multiple windows, and you don’t need to perform additional searches to get the information you require to maintain compliance.
Built-in Recordkeeping and Audit Trail
Descartes Enhanced Risk Management solutions provide a full range of audit recording and due diligence that automatically record screening details and allow users to easily demonstrate their compliance activities.