Sanctioned Party Ownership Screening

Make sure your current and future business partners are not owned by sanctioned parties

Streamline and simplify your efforts to comply with sanctioned party ownership regulations and avoid doing business with the multitude of parties with whom it may be unlawful to do business—in one, easy-to-use solution.

Identify when transactions might violate OFAC’s “50 Percent rule”

With Descartes Visual Compliance Sanctioned Party Ownership Screening, you’ll gain access to valuable ownership and controlling interest data. And, with it, the power to prevent potential compliance violations related to OFAC’s “50 Percent Rule” and other sanctioned party ownership thresholds, including those imposed by the European Union.

Proactive Compliance with OFAC's 50 Sanctioned Ownership Rule

Curated and Vetted for Quality
Search for Sanctioned Party Ownership using robust business information and research that has been thoroughly vetted by knowledgeable, expert analysts located around the globe.
Detailed Match Results
Results are returned with pertinent details on percentage of ownership by sanctioned individual or entity, revealing the facts behind the true ownership structure of your customers, clients and other third parties with whom you conduct business.
Sanction and Embargo Compliance
Avoid violations involving sanctioned individuals or entities, and embargoed countries, with screening that identifies individual and country restrictions.
Built-in Recordkeeping and Audit Trail
Descartes Enhanced Risk Management solutions provide a full range of audit recording and due diligence that automatically record screening details and allow users to easily demonstrate their compliance activities.