Freight Forwarders & Customs Brokers:
Give Your Customers What They Expect: On-demand Booking

Learn Why Forwarders and Brokers Trust Descartes to Accelerate Their Digital Transformation

Digitization is key for freight forwarders and customs brokers to effectively compete.

Descartes can help you digitize by:

• Providing a branded portal for customer bookings
• Managing rates and pinpointing capacity
• Automating repetitive tasks
• Integrating with trading partners
• Freeing time to do what you do best: Moving freight!

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Here Are Some Helpful Resources on Forwarders, Brokers and Digitization

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Here Are Just Some of the Capabilities Descartes Can Offer You

Self-service Bookings

Enable customers to book their own shipments in a branded portal

Competitive Rates

Allow clients to secure the best rates for services provided


Move away from legacy labor-intensive tasks to free resources


Offer advanced visibility to shipments during transit


Use API and EDI to connect to back-office systems

Minimum Sell Rates

Ensure that services provided exceed desired margins


Allow customers to view and share shipment information online


Gain deeper insight into operational performance and opportunities

Learn Why Our Customers Chose Us in Their Own Words

"The addition of Descartes to our digital capabilities allows our clients to instantly obtain quotes for and book shipments with Toll at the click of the mouse. We are excited to be collaborating on this digital solution as part of our commitment to investing in best-in-class systems to simplify and enhance our customer experience."

Thomas Knudsen
Toll Global Forwarding

"With the launch of our new digital platform ONE Quote, powered by Descartes, customers can now receive an instant quote for export shipments and place bookings anytime, anywhere. It’s a one stop service that completely automates traditional manual tasks.”

Hiroki Tsujii
Managing Director
Marketing & Commercial

"We are more than glad to have Descartes as our strategic partner. Descartes helps Everok Group to better manage rates, empower sales, and eventually improve the operation process to deliver high efficient and effective services to customers.”

Cassie Hu
Assistant President
Everok Group