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Managing Compliance and Supporting Growth

Customer Success Stories

Leveraging Integrated Compliance to Accelerate Growth and Ensure Export Confidence
Learn why enterprise-class software provider EDB chose Descartes Visual Compliance to help manage their global sanctions screening requirements in Salesforce.
Strengthening Compliance using Descartes Visual Compliance™ Integrated with Salesforce
With its international operations and the global expansion of Movella in recent years, the need for an easy-to-use automated screening solution that could be integrated into the existing sales platform was mission critical.

Leveraging Integrated Compliance as a Business Enabler
See how a global provider of advanced automated manufacturing and distribution solutions enhanced its compliance practices by automating screening through integration with Salesforce.

Whitepapers and Articles

How to effectively manage false positives in denied party screening.
Effective Global Sanctions Search in Salesforce
This white paper provides insights on how your organization can help reduce risk while keeping productivity at its peak.
warning sign over a person's profile on a pc depicting a denied party
An Investment That Accelerates Sales Velocity
Integrating denied party screening with Salesforce has several practical benefits to organizations.
The Role of Salesforce Sanctions Screening in the Context of Modern Geopolitics

Compliance Due Diligence Is Achievable Through Automated Salesforce Sanctions Screening
Top Three Reasons Why Screening for Denied Parties in Salesforce

How Salesforce’s Automated Global Sanctions Screening Feature Enhances Sales Productivity
Salesforce: An Ideal Platform for Global Sanctions Compliance

Put Salesforce on the Front Line of Global Sanctions Search Screening
Using Automated Screening in Salesforce for Stronger Compliance and Business Growth
Best Practices for Reducing the Risk of Trade, Export and OFAC Violations in Salesforce
Become the Master of Your Export Compliance Mountain
Sanctions Screening: Practical Solutions to Reduce Risk

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