Leveraging Integrated Compliance as a Business Enabler

As a global provider of advanced automated manufacturing and distribution solutions, this organization screens its business partners to comply with international export regulations. To keep pace more efficiently with ever-changing regulatory requirements, the company enhanced its compliance practices with the automated Descartes Visual Compliance™ solution, fully integrated with Salesforce®, helping to drive growth while mitigating third-party risk. 

Challenge: Meet Compliance Requirements and Increase Sales Velocity

Because the company provides intelligent automation solutions for industrial manufacturers globally, it needs to make sure that it does not interact with denied and restricted parties anywhere in the world. While the organization had compliance systems and processes in place, it recognized the need to enhance compliance practices with automation using technology that could be integrated easily with its Salesforce CRM platform. At the same time, the organization wanted to ensure the sales team was not spending valuable time pursuing dubious prospects. With the aim of reducing the time and overhead required to manage compliance, the company looked toward an automated, centralized technology solution to streamline and accelerate compliance workflows.  

“By integrating Descartes Visual Compliance with Salesforce, we’ve not only completely transformed our compliance practice, but we’ve built a new level of compliance into the business. It’s become an integral part of how we operate, helping us make informed decisions, simplifying due diligence, and ensuring our sales team doesn’t waste valuable time pursuing unviable prospects.”

Trade Compliance Manager, Global Advanced Manufacturing and Distribution Company

Solution: Automated Screening Across the Enterprise

The company recognized that automation with the most cost-effective compliance technology would simultaneously enhance compliance and increase sales velocity. To realize these goals and minimize the time and effort involved in managing the compliance process, the manufacturing and distribution business implemented the automated Descartes Visual Compliance solution, fully integrated with Salesforce.

The company centralized compliance operations at its corporate headquarters, allowing the compliance team to more efficiently manage compliance workflows across the organization. The business saw a 110% improvement with automation and Descartes Visual Compliance compared to previous manual practices. They also added screening questions in Salesforce pertaining to the end use of items. Combined with the Descartes solution, this additional layer of screening identifies specific use cases, such as military applications or nuclear power generation, to better inform export licensing decisions.

While some companies may view compliance as an impediment to the flow of business, for this organization, the integrated Descartes solution is actually an enabler. Using the solution, the compliance team can quickly and easily conduct due diligence ahead of time to discern whether an opportunity is worth pursuing. Plus, dynamic screening is running seamlessly in the background so the team doesn’t have to worry if there’s a change to the details of its business partners—they’re always covered.

The Results

Risk Mitigation

The automated, centralized Descartes solution helps easily screen potential business partners and provides an automatically generated audit trail to ensure reliable export compliance. Dynamic screening eliminates the need to rescreen third parties.    

Greater Efficiency

Fully integrated with Salesforce, the intuitive Descartes Visual Compliance solution eliminates time-consuming and resource-intensive practices to simplify and expedite compliance workflows.

Simple Integration

Descartes Visual Compliance plugs easily into Salesforce, helping the organization to get up and running quickly and smoothly. Seamless integration enables screening at multiple points and across multiple departments and locations.

Competitive Advantage

By embedding compliance into the business, the company is leveraging the Descartes solution as a business enabler, helping to run its operations, drive more business, and make informed, compliant decisions that mitigate risk.

Success Story
Global Advanced Manufacturing and Distribution Company


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