Challenge: Time Consuming and Expensive Screening

Being a major player in the 3D motion tracking business, Movella understands all too clearly the need to be in line with export controls. As a result, the company needs to screen every order to ensure that receiving parties are cleared to purchase its products. With its international operations and the global expansion of the company in recent years, the need for an easy-to-use automated screening solution that could be integrated into the existing sales platform was mission critical.

“Working with technology, an automated screening solution is a must. Descartes Visual Compliance was also easily integrated with Salesforce, which optimized our workflow significantly. The Descartes solution has resulted in a more systematic and efficient screening practice, which has reduced costs and risks for the company.”

-Jeroen Weijts, Director Operations at Movella

Solution: Automated Screening Integrated with Salesforce

With customers worldwide and a large portfolio of high-tech products, having a solid compliance program is a necessity for Movella. As part of its compliance strategy, Movella turned to Descartes Visual Compliance to automate its denied party screening processes. Jeroen Weijts, Director Operations at Movella explains, “We produce high-tech 3D motion tracking technologies and ship them around the world. So it is very important that we make sure that our orders only get to people who are cleared to get that technology and use it. Because the screening is automated within Salesforce, we can keep the sales cycle short.”

Movella had already implemented the Salesforce CRM platform throughout the entire company, including all subdivisions. Because of that, it was important to have a screening solution that could be seamlessly integrated with it. Weijts elaborates, “The integration of Descartes Visual Compliance with Salesforce went smoothly, including the testing phase. Since the implementation 3 years ago, we’ve had a clear line of communication with the customer service of Descartes who are prompt to respond to our questions and make sure we are getting the most out of our subscription.”

Descartes Visual Compliance offers an up-to-date global database of hundreds of watch lists and provides a full range of due diligence capabilities including automatically screening every contacts and accounts at the moment of creation in Salesforce and recording compliance activities for strengthened operational management and in the event of an audit. Weijts expands, “To be 100% sure we are compliant, we do an additional screening before we send out each order as well. In addition Descartes Dynamic Screening which automatically rescreens the existing accounts and contacts on a daily basis so that we don’t miss anything since sanctions lists are updated regularly. If a shipment is flagged, results are sent to our customer service department who reviews potential positive matches and takes appropriate action.”

Having the solution as part of its compliance program allows Movella to easily demonstrate effective compliance to regulatory authorities. “There have been occasions where we’ve been contacted by government concerning specific orders. In these instances, it is important to have an extensive automated compliance program to demonstrate that we take the necessary actions to support the screening due diligence required by different international regulatory authorities. Descartes Visual Compliance is a necessary tool in this process.”

The Results

Elevated Compliance:
Using the advanced automated technology to screen every shipment, Movella generates accurate, easy-to-interpret results and can prove due diligence was done.

Greater Efficiency:
Automating denied party screening enabled Movella to increase the number of orders screened daily with less resources enabling global growth.

Seamless Integration Salesforce:
The Descartes solution seamlessly plugged into the integrated CRM platform Salesforce and was easily adopted to fit the company’s existing workflows.

Cost Reductions:
By implementing an automated screening solution, the company managed to optimize the compliance department to a selected and specialized team of experts.

Success Story

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Denied Party Screening

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