Automated Denied Party Screening

Do More With Less

Denied Party Screening Integrated with Your Existing Business Systems

Many organizations are learning how to navigate through reduced resources and cuts to spending. As a result, more and more organizations are automating screening through integration with their business systems.

Is Your Export Compliance Program Out of Control?
Top 5 Ways to Know
What makes a best-in-class denied party screening solution?
Here are 6 key identifiers.
Seven Best Practices to Optimize Your Screening Process
Increased government regulations dictating with whom organizations can do business have made it more difficult for companies to remain compliant.

Improve the bottom line by minimizing the time spent on screening, and help to ensure consistent and reliable results

Descartes Visual Compliance integrated screening solutions help to ensure consistent and reliable denied party screening, regardless of the number of daily transactions and disparate systems used within your organization. It performs real-time screening as part of standard workflows for major ERP, CRM, SCM, and other business systems.

"I know from my 32 years of experience in trade compliance: you cannot have someone do manual screening. Names will get overlooked; things will be missed. In order to be compliant, you need an automated system."
Lorree D., Compliance Officer, Defense Industry

How Descartes Visual Compliance Integrated Denied Party Screening can help improve your compliance program

Online Denied Party Screening

Online Denied Party Screening
The quickest way to get your denied party screening program up-and-running, or fill-in the gaps in your existing program.

Batch Denied Party Screening
The fastest, most cost-effective way to perform denied party screening on your entire database of contacts and assess your company's risk.

Integrated Denied Party Screening
Integrates with your business systems to help ensure consistent and reliable denied party screening.

Dynamic Denied Party Rescreening
Daily automatic re-screening against changes made to denied party screening watch lists.

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