The ROI Benefits of Automating Screening

The Path to a More Cost-Effective Compliance Infrastructure

A recent survey of export compliance practitioners around the world found that 68% of respondents plan to adopt automated denied party screening as a means to make their compliance infrastructure more cost-effective.

Export Compliance in the Age of Disruption - Benchmark Survey
Gain key insights from trade compliance professionals from around the world to be more effective and efficient in light of mass disruptions.

Export Compliance Strategies for a COVID-19 World
Strategies to help your organization continue to achieve optimal export, trade, and OFAC compliance.

Maintain a high level of export compliance despite capacity crunches and budget cuts

Automated screening’s biggest benefit is that it works continuously behind the scenes without human intervention, allowing businesses to keep vibrant and growing even as market conditions decline.

Automation such as this helps to maintains the high level of export compliance organizations strive for, in a more cost-effective manner. It helps overcome business turbulence related to the coronavirus, but also future mass disruptions.

"As a compliance supervisor, I can say that Visual Compliance has been a fantastic tool for our company. No longer having to manually screen these massive Denied Parties Lists has made our lives so much easier. A lot of stress and worry leaves you because you feel certain that all your transactions are safe."
Justin Penman, Compliance Supervisor, Galls LLC

Some Findings from Our Recent Survey

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