How Automating Denied Party Screening Works

Results Delivered to Your Systems in Real Time

Screening plugged into your business systems to ensure consistent and reliable denied party screening, regardless of the system or number of daily transactions.

Master Your Export Compliance Mountain
Export compliance professionals may sometimes feel as though they are staring a wall of tasks that may seem insurmountable.
Collaborative Screening Benefits
Denied party screening is about more than just screening. There is a wide range of additional factors to take into account.
Sanctions Screening: Practical Solutions to Reduce Risk
Did you know that there may be sanctioned parties hiding within your ERP and CRM systems? With fines in the billions of dollars, pinpointing sanctioned parties within your business systems is a must.  

Highly-Efficient and Cost-Effective Export Compliance

Designed to easily integrate with existing business platforms without modifying existing workflows or devoting additional resources. Descartes Visual Compliance allows users to achieve export compliance with reliable, proactive screening and real time alerts for immediate intervention—automatically screening entries against government maintained restricted and denied party lists, regardless of the number of daily transactions completed.

Descartes Visual Compliance has helped many companies through the integration process and have developed straightforward and successful procedures to integrate quickly and effectively, and with minimal IT resources.

How Integrated Screening Works

Built on industry standards, Web Services provide a means for software to interoperate across different programming languages, platforms, and operating systems.

Web Services deliver efficient and cost effective data communication between different computer systems across any distance.

Where and When to Screen

The most important decision that needs to be made upfront is where in your business process you initiate denied party screening. Ensuring that screening takes place at the most appropriate stages of your workflow will help to increase the efficiency of the process.

To maximize the efficiency of your compliance program, denied party screening should be integrated into multiple disparate business systems, including:

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