Help Mitigate the Risk of Accidental Export Violations

Government compliance requirements prohibit companies from doing business with organizations where ownership by sanctioned parties exceeds defined percentage thresholds. Businesses need to be able to see into complex ownership structures, uncover minority ownership, and mitigate supply chain risk.

Proactive Compliance with Sanctioned Ownership Rules

Companies understand the need to make sure they are not doing business with sanctioned, debarred, or denied parties. But, complying with sanctioned party ownership regulations—like OFAC's 50 percent rule and others—poses a major challenge for most, as there are no official, published lists to cross-reference against. However, many enforcement agencies provide clear direction and guidance. 

In this action guide, you’ll learn best practices for identifying companies who would be impacted by OFAC's "50 Percent rule," as well as similar rules from other jurisdictions.