Route Planning & Optimization

With Descartes routing solutions, you can create and execute plans that increase efficiency, provide greater visibility and streamline communications
Descartes has designed a fully-integrated solution to increase the productivity of your delivery operations while improving customer service.
Solaray Customer Success
Read how Solaray optimized routing and scheduling to distribute merchandise to a complex network of retail locations

Combine planned and actual performance with the latest GPS technology to adjust and respond to day-to-day realities

Descartes gives you flexibility by providing multiple planning methods

  • Routes can be built manually or automatically optimized
  • Planning using an advanced optimization engine containing real-world constraints minimizes costs while meeting service requirements.  Takes into consideration:
    • Street-level network
    • Types of vehicles
    • Delivery time windows
    • Load/unload times
    • Services required (installation/haul away)
    • Driver hours & skill sets
  • Determine best resources (truck and route) to use, recommends an order sequence based on your criteria (e.g. cost per stop, route, and customer), and slots new orders incrementally
  • Allows you to identify and prioritize the most profitable routes, orders, and customers to improve truck utilization, time-window management and drive time
  • Also considers customer requirements, contracts, and prospective business in route and resource assignments and evaluates feasibility of servicing new business and new markets

Customer Highlight

Iceland Post Deploys Descartes Route Planning Solution for Expanding Delivery Operations

Mark Parsons, Managing Director at BC Sands

"The Descartes solution is a unique and comprehensive platform. We could not find another last mile delivery solution that provides scheduling, delivery route planning and execution, proof-of-delivery, automated pre- and post-delivery notification services, and imaging functionality. It has fundamentally transformed our delivery operations."

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