NSK Europe uses Descartes Transportation Manager™ IS for transportation management to increase shipment visibility

NSK Europe recently announced that it is using Descartes Transportation Manager IS to gain better insight into its shipment lifecycle through real-time, end-to-end visibility. As one of the world’s leading manufacturers of rolling bearings, automotive components and steering systems, NSK Europe offers standard and customized products to key industrial sectors.

Why Descartes for Shipment Visibility?

Ronald Cune, EDC’s Planning & Support Manager of NSK Europe, explains why they chose Descartes: “Our corporate culture is the basis for our continuous drive for manufacturing perfection and flawless delivery of our high quality products used in machines worldwide and by most major car manufacturers. Descartes solutions help support our 'total quality' mission by providing us with the visibility, decision support and operational agility needed to meet changing market demand and better manage our supply chain operations.”

“Descartes Transportation Manager IS enables us to accurately manage a large volume of shipments each day and helps ensure selection of the right logistics providers to meet our delivery and cost requirements,” Cune added. “We have better insight into our shipment lifecycle through real-time, end-to-end visibility. This allows us to keep customers up-to-date on the status of their shipments and helps us reduce our order-to-cash cycle time."

Transportation Management Solution Provides Shipment Visibility for Truck, Air, Ocean and Parcel Freight

Descartes Transportation Manager IS offers a robust, network-based transportation management solution for truck, air, ocean and parcel. The solution is cloud-based and can be used end-to-end or on a modular basis. It increases shipment visibility by allowing NSK Europe to efficiently turn purchase or sales order information into transport orders, manage carrier contracts, optimize transportation plans, connect to trading partners, better control freight flows, track shipments and inventory, audit freight invoices, and manage supplier and transportation carrier performance. Businesses with high volume transportation operations, like NSK Europe, can reduce complexity, improve control and reduce costs by using the cloud-based Descartes Transportation Manager IS software to manage purchased transportation operations.

To learn more about NSK Europe, visit http://www.nskeurope.com.

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Written by Fred van der Heide

Vice President, Product Strategy at Descartes