Intelligent Dispatch & Tracking

Customer Success: BC Sands
BC Sands is using Descartes to provide real-time, paperless home and job site delivery services.

Track and Respond to Route Exceptions, Order Changes, and Book Same-Day Appointments in Real-Time

Descartes’ intelligent dispatch and tracking software uses real-time GPS and delivery statuses to empower dispatchers to keep their drivers on track and achieve more consistent on-time delivery. Same-day delivery appointments can be automatically and cost effectively applied to the real-time GPS-based dispatch schedule.  

Discover the daily benefits and overall improvements dispatch software can bring to your operation. 

Same-Day Appointment Scheduling

Provide customers with same-day delivery options that are cost optimized and based on real-time driver location.

Route Execution

Dispatchers and managers can see how route plans are being executed in real time with graphical, easy-to-understand views and alerts.

Customer Engagement

Improve the last mile customer experience from order to delivery and drive operational efficiencies through real-time customer engagement. 

Machine Learning

Calculate more accurate estimated time of arrival (ETAs) predictions and customer stop location.

- Jake Crampton, CEO of MedSpeed 

“Descartes' leading-edge solutions for comprehensive delivery routing and dispatch will be part of our MedConnect technology platform and enhance how we service our customers. Descartes' flexible technology platform can integrate with our platform as we scale to meet our rapidly growing business and changing healthcare environment.”  

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Intelligent Dispatch & Tracking FAQs

What is intelligent dispatch?

Intelligent dispatch uses GPS-based technology combined with real-time optimization and machine learning to proactively monitors the execution of routes and when changes (e.g., customer cancellations, new orders and traffic stoppages) occur, automatically adjusts routes in execution to minimize disruptions.

What is dispatch monitoring?

Dispatch monitoring in logistics refDispatch monitoring in logistics refers to the process of closely observing and overseeing the execution of delivery operations to ensure that deliveries occur as planned or minimize the impact of in-route disruptions.

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