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Descartes is Helping Freight Forwarders & Customs Brokers Digitize and Transform Their Operations

Hear from Our Customers Who Have Undergone Digital Transformation

“Using the Descartes system, we’ve achieved a level of automation that has unlocked significant productive time for higher quality customer conversations…. This type of process automation is a high impact, low effort means to allow us to focus on higher-value work for our customers.”

~ Paul Glionna, Vice President Systems Development & Operations, Universal Logistics

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"The addition of Descartes to our digital capabilities will allow our clients to instantly obtain quotes for and book shipments with Toll at the click of the mouse. We are excited to be collaborating on this digital solution as part of our commitment to investing in best-in-class systems to simplify and enhance our customer experience."

~ Thomas Knudsen, President, Toll Global Forwarding

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Why Digitization Is Critical to Forwarders and Brokers

Digitization is key to meeting customer expectations to evaluate booking options and execute and track shipments on-demand. In order to offer the services that customers now expect, forwarders must not only provide customers with a web-based self-service portal but should also automate the supporting back office operations and carrier interaction. The goal of digitization is to help transform your operations to be more responsive to customers, reduce operational costs, and free resources for higher value work that makes a difference to customers and the bottom line.

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