B2B Connectivity & Messaging

Connect to hundreds of thousands of parties globally through a digital network to communicate and collaborate more efficiently.

The Descartes Global Logistics Network™
Manages the real-time flow of commercial, logistics, customs and product information around the world
Logistics Messaging
Transact with carriers and receive shipment status data across modes
Commercial & B2B Messaging
Connecting trading communities to enhance order-to-cash and procure-to-pay processes
Customs Messaging
Streamline compliance with certified connections to customs authorities around the world

Customs & Regulatory Compliance

Streamline cross-border trade with preparation, filing and visibility solutions for cargo security, customs, and other regulatory agencies.

Security Filings
Comply with cross-border filing requirements and keep pace with evolving regulations
Customs Declarations
Comply with cross-border filing requirements and keep pace with evolving regulations
Other Government / Industry Programs
Automate the export process from the documentation through to compliance checks
Data Analytics
Transform and visualize customs and regulatory compliance data with a powerful business intelligence solution

Broker & Forwarder Enterprise Systems

Digitize back office and agent operations to streamline and optimize shipment management, customs compliance, accounting, and customer relationship management solutions.

Shipment Management
Synchronize and streamline global forwarding operations
Customs Compliance
Meet regulatory requirements and keep shipments efficiently moving across borders
Accounting and Billing
Manage bottom line performance and cashflow across complex forwarding operations
Warehousing and PO Management
Gain better visibility and control of customer inventory and purchase orders
Shipment Portal
Web-based, multimodal, white-labelled freight status visibility portal for customers
Better classify goods and help customers reduce duty spend
Denied Party Screening
Reduce the risk of transacting with denied, sanctioned, or restricted parties worldwide
Lead Generation
Pinpoint new customers and track competitive performance
Data Analytics
Transform and visualize shipment, operational and financial data with a powerful business intelligence solution

Global Trade Intelligence

Maximize margins, find new prospects and vet trading partners through an extensive array of global trade, duties, tariffs and restricted party data and services.

Product Classification & Duty Determination
Speed Harmonized System (HS) classification and reduce duties paid
Denied Party Screening
Reduce the risk of transacting with denied, restricted, or sanctioned parties worldwide
Export Compliance
Automate the export process from document creation through to compliance screening
Duty & Tariff Data
Accurate, up-to-date duty and tariff information for enterprise, and other systems
Import & Export Data
Cross-border import and export information for enterprise and other systems
Trade Research
Global trade data services for competitive and prospect analysis, supply chain sourcing, and much more
Data Analytics
Transform and visualize global trade data with a powerful business intelligence solution

Ecommerce Shipping & Fulfillment

Enable efficient, flexible and scalable Ecommerce operations through pre-connected leading marketplaces, and comprehensive shipping and mobile fulfillment solutions.

Ecommerce Connectivity
Seamlessly integrate and connect to Ecommerce marketplaces, shopping carts, and other systems
Warehouse Management
Digitally transform warehouse operations through intelligent, mobile-based solutions
Enable cost-effective shipping and visibility regardless of mode, carrier, or scale
Home Delivery
Create a differentiated home delivery experience from appointment booking through Proof-of-Delivery (POD)
Data Analytics
Transform and visualize Ecommerce shipping and fulfillment data with a powerful business intelligence solution

Transportation Management

Optimize transportation and the flow of goods with multimodal transportation management, real-time visibility, dock scheduling,  and yard management solutions.

Optimize and execute transportation across modes
Real-time Visibility
Enhance performance with live shipment status information
Capacity Matching
Automatically match available capacity to cover more loads and build stronger carrier relationships
Retail Distribution
Enhance control of inventory flow from distribution centers to stores
Parcel Shipping
Automate and optimize small package shipments
Freight Broker TMS
Robust transportation management capabilities built for freight brokers, by freight brokers
Dock Scheduling and Yard Management
Automate and improve visibility for dock door scheduling and trailer movements
Data Analytics
Transform and visualize transportation data with a powerful business intelligence solution

Routing, Mobile and Telematics

Improve fleet productivity, compliance, driver safety, and customer service and engagement with advanced and integrated optimized planning, dispatch, execution, mobile, telematics, and driver/vehicle performance management solutions.

Route Planning, Optimization & Dispatch
Strategic and operational solutions combined with intelligent dispatch transform delivery performance and help meet customer demand.
Delivery Appointment Scheduling
Offer a differentiated customer experience and minimize delivery costs.
Intelligent Dispatching and Tracking
Empower dispatchers and manage drivers through real-time, GPS-based tracking and driver communication.
Mobile Apps
Enable drivers to better execute routes and collect POD information such as signature, pictures, and more.
Safety, Compliance & Telematics
Establish a strong safety culture, maximize driver and vehicle performance, and keep compliant.
Fleet and Driver Performance Management
Monitor vehicle diagnostics to reduce maintenance costs and coach driver behavior for safer operations.
Fleet Innovation Resource Center
Cloud, AI, APIs and more, Descartes has a long track record of innovation.
Data Analytics
Transform and visualize fleet data with a powerful business intelligence solution.
Customer Engagement
Improve the last mile customer experience and drive operational efficiencies with real-time customer engagement technology

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