Customs and Regulatory Compliance

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Regulatory Radar: EU ICS2 Maritime Requirements for Freight Forwarders & NVOCCs Are Coming!
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See how A Customs Brokerage meets customs requirements with Descartes.
UK Customs and Regulatory Compliance 
Our eCustoms solution help business to makes customs clearances, easy, accessible, and efficient.

The Industry's Widest Array of Customs & Regulatory Compliance Solutions

Streamline cross-border trade with preparation, filing and visibility solutions for cargo security, customs declarations, and other regulatory mandates. We're making regulatory compliance for customs brokers with our international customs compliance technology.

Customs Declarations
Comply with fiscal filing requirements and keep pace with changing regulations
Security Filings

Submit advanced manifest data electronically to customs authorities worldwide
Product Classification & Duty Determination
Improve Harmonized System (HS) classification productivity and reduce duty spend
Denied Party Screening
Reduce the risk of transacting with denied, restricted, or sanctioned parties worldwide
Export Compliance
Automate the export process from documentation through compliance verification
Other Government / Industry Programs
Support for a wide-range of government and sector-specific compliance initiatives
Foreign Trade Zone (FTZ) Management
Manage Foreign Trade Zone (FTZ) and bonded warehouse operations

Automate Compliance Processes, Improve Productivity and Keep Pace with Changing International Trade Regulations

Descartes trade compliance software enables cross-border logistics regulatory compliance

Descartes' deep domain expertise and advanced cross-border trade compliance software helps customers collaborate with trading partners and customs authorities to better enable logistics regulatory compliance and speed flow of international trade.


Compliance Filings
per Year

Control of Compliance Operations

Restricted Party Screenings
per Year
"With Descartes' cloud-based e-Customs solution, shipments can be cleared remotely during evenings, weekends, and bank holidays. This saves time and is most efficient for our operations team, resulting in cost savings that can be passed on directly to our customers "
- John O'Brien, Consultant, InterPost

"With the Descartes solution, we're not only an early adopter of the ACAS pilot program but are sharing information with CBP further back in the supply chain to help identify high-risk air shipments into the U.S. while accelerating the movement of low-risk shipments."
- Laurie Arnold, Regulatory Compliance Officer, JAS Forwarding

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