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Custom changes are happening in all European countries
- are you ready?

The EU introduced some time ago the Union Customs Code legislation that requires all EU countries to exchange information digitally in the same way and also stipulates that the customs area must be paperless and completely electronic by 2025.

The goal is to increase the security and efficiency at EU borders by simplifying cross-border trade through common customs regulations and paperless and automated processes.

We are ready to guide your company through those changes. Get in contact with our local customs experts to discuss how these changes effects your business.

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Features & Benefits

Advanced Reporting
Analyze compliance performance to proactively address exceptions
Role-based Permissions
Configurable access and tiered workflow process enhance administration and oversight
Digital Documentation
Seamless import document creation and electronic submission to EU and UK customs authorities
Customs Warehouse Management
Efficiently Comply with Fiscal Filing Requirements Across Europe
Data Validation
Automated data checks improves completeness and compliance rates
Streamlined Compliance
Powerful platform to manage import, export, transit, and excise declarations

Improve filing compliance and productivity with Descartes customs solutions

Descartes’ EU Declaration solution helps international shippers and their logistics partners streamline customs compliance including recent changes

“Descartes e-customs solution has given us the tools that we need to take control of the supply chain, despite the challenges with Brexit. We can now be assured that irrespective of any potentially disruptive economic changes, our businesses will still be able to deliver to our customers with the same high level of efficiency.”

— Iain Smith, Finance Director, Global Finance, NSG Group


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