Descartes Transportation Management

Global Transportation Technology to Strengthen Your Supply Chain

Descartes is the cloud native platform shippers trust to synchronize transportation processes and optimize the flow of goods with multimodal TMS, real-time visibility, dock scheduling, and carrier connectivity solutions.

The best businesses rely on Descartes to solve their complex supply chain challenges

Performance optimization
for any mode

Unlock the next level of productivity with our mode optimization technology. Intelligently select the ideal mode and carrier to ensure efficiency and cost-effectiveness across your supply chain.

Fueling high-performance supply chains through connectivity

The Descartes Global Logistics Network™ is unique in its ability to connect the world’s largest carrier data network to shippers for essential visibility, robust connections, and insightful analytics to empower your global supply chain.

What can Descartes do for you?

How Fujifilm Improved On-Time Performance

Reduce Costs and Fees
Utilize our tools to streamline mode selection, carrier choices, and rates, resulting in savings exceeding 10% of your total transportation expenditure.

Improve Customer Service
Distinguish your business with top-notch on-time performance, proactive risk monitoring, and automated status alerts.

Increase Productivity
Bid farewell to manual check calls and data entry with advanced automation transforming your shipping processes

Modular, rapid-deployment solutions for any business

Shipper Transportation Management System

Optimize and execute transportation across modes 

Supply Chain Visibility Platform​

Enhance performance with real-time shipment statuses

Dynamic Dock Appointment Scheduling

Automate and improve visibility for dock door scheduling

Reporting & Analytics

Visualize transportation data with business intelligence tools

Carrier Connectivity

Connect, rate, route, and track carriers from a single network

Fleet Management

Route planning, optimization & dispatch to maximize fleet

Retail Distribution

Control inventory flow from distribution centers to stores

Parcel Shipping

Automate and optimize small package shipments

Freight Broker TMS

Robust transportation management for freight brokers

Cost savings that drive bottom line results

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"We’ve experienced significant efficiency gains and cost savings by automating inefficient manual processes and moving away from disparate systems. Improving command of our inbound and outbound transportation operations is critical for our business, (and) Descartes’ domain expertise and cloud-based solutions helped us plan and implement a technology deployment strategy that efficiently scaled across our distribution operations."

Director of Logistics, Cabela’s


Our customers deliver remarkable experiences

"The most helpful thing about the TMS is that everything is in one place. I can quote and tender LTL shipments out to carriers in the same place I can spot quote full truckload shipments. It also handles the freight payment side."

Brad H. on G2

The customer service is top of the line. Whenever we need help, someone is always available to assist. The product is great and provides excellent visibility and easy access to troubleshoot shipments.

Brandon L. on G2

Descartes MacroPoint is #1 in Supply Chain Visibility Software
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Customer Success Stories

Steelcase implements Descartes MacroPoint to minimize disruption and improve service

Image of transport truck featuring Yellow Diamond Logistics logo
Driving Rapid Expansion with Robust, Scalable TMS

Billerud elevates their customer experience with shipment visibility from Descartes MacroPoint

Looking to report & reduce carbon emissions?

By leveraging a TMS, businesses can optimize transportation efficiency, reduce fuel consumption, minimize emissions, and make more sustainable choices in their logistics processes.

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Why do I need a transportation management system?

A transportation management system plays a central role in the total supply chain. It is a powerful tool that enables businesses to automate activities like carrier selection or invoice audit, gain control over costs, a better visibility on their logistics processes, which will result in lower costs and higher customer satisfaction. It can provide you with a competitive advantage by enabling you to have lower costs per order/transport and meet customer demands more effectively and efficiently.

How much does a TMS cost?

The cost of a Transportation Management System (TMS) will vary widely depending on a range of factors such as the number of shipments, the modalities in scope and the level of functionalities needed. Generally, TMS pricing models fall into several categories, follow this link to read what they are.

How do you quantify the results of a TMS?

With Carrier Connectivity, users save significant time per booking/tender while benefiting from the largest network of connected partners and seamless integrations with ERP and back-end systems. Consolidation/ Optimization features enable cost reductions of 3% to 15%, offering multi-mode, multi-leg, and global optimization along with true fleet versus for-hire optimization. Bid/Spot Booking/Tendering functionalities ensure finding the best rates, reducing risks, and improving on-time percentages through automated bid initiation and inclusive carrier processes. Real-time visibility with ETA Calculation not only reduces charges and fees by over 50% but also provides predictive ETAs and the highest compliance rate in the industry, offering visibility and real-time updates to customers and internal teams.

Is CO2 emission reporting included in a TMS?

A Shipper TMS is the ideal place to determine the carbon emissions by collecting and analyzing data of all the transportation activities of an organization and applying the same logic across the different forwarders/carriers. Of course, taking into account the applicable modality, weight and type of transport. Data which is typically fully available in a TMS. The key aspects of how a TMS will measure carbon emissions are; Mode of transportation, Load weight, Distance travelled & Fuel consumption.

Can Visibility be a separate solution from your TMS?

A Transportation Management System (TMS) and Visibility software can be separate solutions. The more complete TMS platforms offer built-in visibility features tightly integrated into the whole TMS providing more flexible and advanced options to use the data for all TMS users and other internal or external users. Such complete TMS can also use that data to automatically communicate updates via EDI/API messages to forwarders/carriers if needed.

What is Descartes MacroPoint and what does it do?

Descartes MacroPoint is a global, real-time freight visibility platform. We provide load location information to customers so they can see all their in-transit freight in real time, at one time, in one portal. Real- time updates and dynamic ETAs enable your customers to monitor the timeliness of their loads and shipments and adjust delivery windows when necessary.

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