Global Trade Intelligence

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Read the white paper, The Future of Global Trade Intelligence.
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Assess the impact on supply sources with global trade data
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Learn how Meggitt PLC is enhancing compliance with its deployment of Descartes’ global trade intelligence solutions.

Better Global Trade Data Drives Better Insight

Maximize margins, find new prospects and suppliers, and vet trading partners through an extensive array of global trade, duties, tariffs, agreements, regulations and restricted party data and services.

Product Classification & Duty Determination
Streamline Harmonized System (HS) classification and reduce duties paid
Denied Party Screening
Reduce the risk of transacting with denied, restricted, or sanctioned parties worldwide
Export Compliance
Automate the export process from document creation through to compliance screening
Duty & Tariff Data
Accurate, up-to-date duty, tariff, trade agreement and regulation content for global trade management and other enterprise systems
Import / Export Data & Trade Research
Cross-border import and export content and services
Data Analytics
Transform and visualize global trade data with a powerful business intelligence solution

Gain the Global Trade Intelligence Advantage

global trade data

Descartes can help your business work smarter by making access to and analysis of global trade data easy. Our suite of solutions helps businesses achieve higher trade compliance rates, reduce duties paid, minimize transactions with sanctioned parties and provides insight into potential customers and supply chain resources.

A Leader in Global Trade Content

Revenue Generated

Man Hours Saved

Duty Overpayments Saved

“Using Descartes Datamyne, Pinnachem can provide companies with highly valuable trade intelligence on chemical imports to help make effective and profitable sourcing decisions.”
— G. Michael Laidlaw, Founder & President, Pinnachem
“Descartes' solution is used to dynamically and regularly screen all of the acquisition's customer and vendor relationships to help mitigate the risk of transacting with sanctioned or restricted parties."
— Benjamin Buckley, Associate General Counsel & Director of Global Compliance and Integrity, Rogers Corporation

Ready to see Descartes Global Trade Intelligence in action?

Adafruit Industries Ensures Global Trade Compliance with Descartes

Adafruit Industries, NYC manufacturer of high tech learning electronics, mitigates the risk of conducting business with restricted parties by centralizing and standardizing screening practices.

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