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Automate Price Management & Deliver a Digital Customer Booking Experience without Added Labor

Descartes has developed a ground-breaking solution for forwarders called Global Price Management (GPM). It takes into account routing, rating, margins, capacity, and schedule information to provide comprehensive pricing and service recommendations.

The freight rate management solution can be combined with a digital customer booking experience to capture market share and improve profitability.

Delivering the Broadest Range of Additional Services that Customers Expect without Added Labor

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Digital forwarders are adopting Global Price Management to enhance the customer experience, increase the accuracy of their quotes, and better reflect changing conditions—all while reducing the effort to produce them and maximizing shipment margins. Descartes advanced freight rate management solution can elevate forwarders’ service offering and improve profitability.

Descartes proudly serves some of the biggest names in the industry!

4 out of top 5 freight forwarders and 12 out of the 25 top forwarders trust Descartes Global Price Management

“We are more than glad to have Descartes as our strategic partner. GPM helps Everok Group to better manage rates, empower sales, and eventually improve the operation process to deliver highly efficient and effective services to customers.”

-- Cassie Hu, Assistant President, Everok Group. Read More.

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