This course is currently in the planning stage and will be confirmed closer to event date.



Course objectives

Learn about the recommend approach and strategies to host Descartes Route Planner. Become more in control of the Descartes Route Planner™ solution. Understand how to configure the servers to maximize the application’s potential. Ensure that the application is working in a stable environment. Learn about integration and how to use the different APIs.

Key Tasks

The focus of the course is on the administrative tasks in relation to the Descartes Route Planner application.

  •  Advanced integration with the Descartes Route Planner solution
  • Understand the application’s architecture and how the different components work together
  • Fine-tune the application and configure the servers to use the latest standards

Who Should Attend?

  • Technical staff that manages the Descartes Route Planner solution
  • Integration Architects and Solution managers
  • Server administrators
Event Location
2020 Nov 17 - 2020 Nov 19