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From small to enterprise-level ecommerce businesses, every leader benefits from the latest ecommerce logistics insights from Descartes. Gain expertise and stay caught up on industry trends to keep your customers happy, maximize profitability for your business, and beat the competition. 

Why Choose Descartes for Ecommerce Logistics? 

Ecommerce Logistics Basics

Foundational knowledge of technology and best practices 

Beginner Ecommerce Shipper Placing a Shipping Label on a Parcel
Top 5 Ecommerce Shipping Strategy Tips for Beginners
An ecommerce shipping strategy is a plan that ecommerce businesses develop to handle shipping and delivering their products to customers.
Warehouse Shelves with Red Bins for Warehouse Management System
How Much Does a Warehouse Management System Cost?
WMS software comes in two main pricing models: cloud-based and on-premise. These factors influence WMS pricing.

Ecommerce Software 101: Intro to Programs that Improve Ecommerce Fulfillment
Ecommerce business leaders that struggle with accurate, on-time order fulfillment benefit from adopting ecommerce software. Understand each software type.

Descartes ecommerce logistics resources educate business leaders on core principles and best practices for managing ecommerce fulfillment operations. From software selection to pricing, ecommerce business strategy to time-saving tips, Descartes provides practical instruction and answers frequently asked questions.

Expert Insights

Access a wealth of information from ecommerce industry thought leaders.

Ecommerce Home Delivery Study Consumer Preferences 2024
Ecommerce Home Delivery Study & Consumer Preferences 2024
Descartes and SAPIO Research surveyed 8,000 consumers in Europe and North America to understand ecommerce buying behavior and home delivery preferences.

world image with large hurricane clouds representing macroeconomic problems
Four Ways to Combat Economic Threats to Your Ecommerce Business
World events significantly influence the buying behaviors of consumers. As current events, such as the war between Russia and Ukraine, combine with ripples...
female ecommerce customer walking out the door leaving your business
Delivery Problems Hurt Repeat Business. Here’s How to Keep Customers from Leaving.
More than four out of five people ages 18-25 have had a delivery problem in the last three months…21% [of them] did not order from the retailer again (Descartes...

With over 30 years of experience in technology innovation, Descartes offers expert insights to help you navigate complex ecommerce logistics concepts. Our ecommerce industry thought leaders analyze and discuss current events, studies published by Descartes, and relevant issues related to ecommerce to bring perspective and useful takeaways.

Customer Success

How customers solved business problems with Descartes ecommerce technology.

JOELLE Collection logo with parcels
How JOELLE Streamlined Ecommerce Fulfillment with ShipRush and Peoplevox

The JOELLE Collection is a range of accessible designer clothing and accessories for women, available via an online storefront and two boutiques.
American Paper Optics Reimagined Peak Season Shipping with Descartes

American Paper Optics improved shipping operations to increase fulfillment speed around massive, event-based spikes in order volume.
LOVALL: Confidence in the Warehouse to Focus on Growth

UK-based fashion brand LOVALL brought confidence and efficiency into their warehouse operation by implementing the Descartes Peoplevox WMS.

Descartes ecommerce customer success stories describe how our customers leverage Descartes solutions to overcome their unique business problems. Each case study provides a detailed description of the challenges, the steps the business took to overcome them, the technology used, and the results achieved.

Integrated Ecommerce Technology 

Learn how to leverage integrated technology to support business growth. 

How to Build a Tech Stack for Ecommerce + FAQ
Every good ecommerce business leader wants to prevent mistakes and delays in order fulfillment. However, many struggle to keep promises to their customers. 
Hand reaching toward ecommerce technology icons
How Software Programs Improve Ecommerce Fulfillment
Ecommerce business leaders that struggle with accurate, on-time order fulfillment benefit from ecommerce software. Learn about different types of helpful software.
messy warehouse shelves with clothing and boxes on the floor
Solve Common Ecommerce Problems with Technological Solutions
As an ecommerce business leader, you are responsible for solving a variety of problems to keep your business running smoothly. 

Integrated ecommerce technology helps you fulfill orders faster and more accurately, increasing customer satisfaction, repeat business, and profitability. For ecommerce businesses to scale, Descartes is creating the world’s most comprehensive and highly integrated ecommerce technology stack and a global partner network.  

Ecommerce Technology Videos

See Descartes ecommerce customers and technology in action. 

Why Choose Descartes for Integrated Ecommerce Technology?
Blue Sky Distribution Warehouse Worker Using Mobile WMS Scanner to Scan Items
Blue Sky Distribution Scales Fulfillment Ops for Explosive Growth
Descartes Commerce Essentials for NetSuite
Descartes Commerce Essentials for NetSuite Users

Descartes ecommerce technology videos provide rich visual stories of the value Descartes provides. From videos of customers using our software, to product demos, to explainer videos, these resources pair art and storytelling with product information to educate and inspire the viewer.

Descartes Ecommerce in the News

Explore ecommerce-related news coverage of Descartes technology. 

BW Retail Scales Ecommerce Fulfillment
BW Retail Scales Ecommerce Fulfillment with Descartes’ Ecommerce Solutions
BW Retail improves fulfillment performance across its growing operations and improves customer satisfaction. Learn how Descartes solutions helped them scale.
Fashion brand LOVALL Improves Fulfillment Productivity with Descartes
LOVALL improved productivity by automating fulfilment and optimizing the use of existing warehouse space to hold three times as much inventory.

Home Delivery Study 2024
67% of Ecommerce Consumers Face Delivery Problems
Descartes released findings from its third annual consumer sentiment study of ecommerce home delivery and buyer behavior. See key insights.

Descartes Systems Group (Nasdaq: DSGX) (TSX:DSG) publishes ecommerce-related press releases regarding high-profile information that may be of interest to stockholders and business leaders in the industry. Descartes ecommerce in the news may feature significant findings from industry studies conducted by Descartes Systems Group, customer success stories, mergers and acquisitions, and more.

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Descartes Ecommerce Logistics Resource Center for Small to Midsized Businesses

Descartes created this ecommerce logistics resource center to educate and equip small to midsized business leaders to grow their businesses. This collection of articles, videos, whitepapers, ebooks, success stories, and answers to frequently asked questions will help business leaders thoroughly understand supply chain technology that can support healthy business growth and ongoing customer satisfaction. As a company with over 30 years of proven supply chain technology innovation, Descartes brings a wealth of experience and insight to the ecommerce industry.