Environmental, Social and Governance Report

Descartes recognizes the role that we can play in helping advance environmental, social and governance initiatives (“ESG Initiatives”) that are important to our stakeholders, including our shareholders, customers, suppliers and employees.

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Environmental Impact

Descartes has a deep sense of environmental responsibility. Our solutions help reduce carbon emissions, paper use and fuel consumption. Together with our customers, we believe we are helping to make the world a better place through greener, more sustainable and productive logistics.

Community Involvement

Descartes is dedicated to being a good corporate citizen in all of the communities we work and live in. We strive, and encourage our employees to do the same, to contribute positively to our communities – locally and globally- through various forms of giving and volunteerism. 

Descartes Policy on Conflict Minerals 

Descartes, as a part of our portfolio of supply chain and logistics solutions, designs, and contracts for, the manufacture of electronics devices for Bluetooth enabled asset tracking tags and associated readers.  We have adopted a policy related to the use of any conflict minerals within those devices.

Environmental, Health, Safety and Sustainability Statement 

Descartes' approach to environmental, health, safety and sustainability matters is founded on the following principles: respect for human rights, the protection of the health and wellbeing of the Company’s employees, and the protection of the environment at each of the Company’s global offices and in the manner in which the Company operates its business. 

Human Rights Statement 

The Descartes Systems Group Inc. and its various affiliates is committed to providing a global work environment that is free from harassment or discrimination based on the grounds enumerated in federal, national, state, provincial or other Human Rights legislation. More fundamentally, in addition to compliance with applicable laws and regulations, the Company is steadfast in conducting its business in a manner that is consistent with internationally recognized norms, tenets and principles such as the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Modern Slavery Statement

This statement sets out the steps which The Descartes Systems Group Inc. and its affiliates have taken to combat slavery and human trafficking. It continues to be a priority for Descartes and its affiliates to ensure that we trade ethically, source responsibly and work to prevent modern slavery and human trafficking throughout our organisation and in our supply chain. This statement was done in consultation with Descartes affiliates to ensure a deep understanding of risks related to modern slavery and human trafficking in our operations worldwide. 

Whistle Blower Policy

In accordance with the Descartes Code of Business Conduct, if you become aware of a potential or suspected violation of the Code of Business Conduct and Ethics, you have an obligation to promptly report the violation.  You can contact Descartes' Senior Executives or members of Descartes' board of directors.  You may do so verbally or in writing and, if preferred, anonymously.