Parcel Shipping

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Wizard Industries greets ecommerce growth with Descartes ShipRush™
Bosch finds flexible shipping
Accommodate all types of shipments within a single system using Descartes
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Streamline Order Fulfilment
Game Room Guys reduced shipping costs and fueled growth with Descartes ShipRush™

Automate Parcel Shipment Management to Reduce Costs and Improve Service

Small to Mid-Size Shippers Enterprise Parcel Shipping
Go live in minutes and benefit from shipping automation, carrier discounts and side-by-side rate shopping
Large Enterprise Parcel Shipping
Leverage configurable workflows and process automation, rating, labeling, shipment documentation for high volume environments
White Label Parcel Shipping
Fast and easy- to-deploy options for brand personalization or embedding the Descartes Parcel Shipping GUI in any web application
TMS Integration
Extend your existing TMS coverage beyond traditional transportation modes (TL, LTL) to include planning and optimization of parcel shipments
Marketplace and Sales Channel Integration
Integrate with all the leading ecommerce marketplaces and platforms, CRM, and accounting systems

Features and Benefits

  • Streamline the pick, pack and ship process for low and high volume environments
  • Reduce shipping costs with multi-carrier rating and optimization
  • Ensure rate and label compliance
  • Track deliveries and evaluate service performance
  • Rate and manifest support for over 100+ parcel and LTL carriers
  • Integrate with all the leading ecommerce marketplaces and platforms, CRM, and accounting systems
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– Kevin Phoenix, Principal, SwervePoint / BDA

"By moving from a paper-based system to a fully automated system with Descartes OzLink, we have a much more efficient picking process, significantly fewer mispicks, and much improved inventory control. And the Descartes team was highly responsive, flexible, and very well-versed in adapting their product capabilities to business operations overall; we’re extremely happy with them.”


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