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Saving Time with Automation Rules

eCard Systems shaved 1.5 hours/day off shipping operations by using automation rules, reducing order processing time from 30 seconds to under 10 seconds per order.. 
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Accelerated Peak Season Shipping

American Paper Optics scaled omnichannel shipping operations ahead of a major event-based sale to increase throughput and order fulfillment velocity, ensuring on-time orders.

Ecommerce Shipping Made Fast & Easy

Shipping Automation
Create workflows to streamline shipping processes and label generation and leverage barcode scanning to improve shipping accuracy.
Rate Shopping
Rate-shop across extensive array of parcel and LTL carriers, leverage lower shipping rates and greater service options
Shipment Tracking Visibility
Provide real-time shipment to customers to enhance visibility across carriers to enhance the customer experience
Marketplace and Sales Channel Integration
Integrate with all the leading ecommerce marketplaces and platforms, CRM, and accounting systems
Returns Management
Improve the returns experience with prepaid or pay-on-use returns labels
International Shipping
Discounted international shipping rates, forced labor compliance, and denied party screening

Cost-Effective Ecommerce Shipping & Visibility Regardless of Mode, Carrier or Scale

  • Sell and ship anywhere
  • Reduce shipping costs
  • Onboard new carriers and sales channels
  • Easily handle higher order volumes
  • Better serve customers
  • Readily scale your business

Our Shipping Solutions at a Glance

Descartes ShipRush™
The best scalable multi-carrier ecommerce shipping solution for fast-growing ecommerce brands.

Descartes XPS™
The best free multi-carrier ecommerce shipping solution for small to mid-sized businesses.

Descartes Shipping for UPS
Used by thousands of companies, Descartes Shipping™ Solutions for UPS is the fastest way to rate, ship, and track with UPS.
Descartes OzLink® Shipping for NetSuite
Fully integrated, cost effective shipping & visibility regardless of mode, carrier or scale
Descartes White Label Shipping
Fast and easy- to-deploy options for brand personalization or embedding shipping capabilities within the user interface of any web application
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— Lana Appleby, Technical Product Manager, Dahlgren Duck

“With the Descartes solution driving order fulfillment across six shipping stations in our 25,000 sq. ft. DC, we can offer our clients logistical advantages our competitors can’t. We’re able to hold products with long lead times to ensure quick and accurate delivery. And we have the ability to source, consolidate, palletize, and ship entire OS&E and FF&E packages for our hospitality clients.”


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Descartes Shipping™ for UPS
UPS Ready® Order Fulfillment and Shipping Automation

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