Nowadays, EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) is an indispensable part of the supply chain. But how do you ensure that your business processes remain up to date and that you continue to work most efficiently? In this resource center we put together some relevant resources to help you better understand EDI, depending on your specific situation.

The secret to a successful EDI implementation

Wondering how to approach your specific EDI project? What does it mean for the integration with your ERP? What level of preparation do you need? Who should be involved?

Is EDI still relevant?

Why is EDI still the technology of choice for B2B communication? What is driving the growth of EDI? What does the future look like?


Discussions as to whether it is better to use EDI or API are an erroneous debate. Both technologies have their own strengths and complement each other well.

How do you get the most out of EDI?

Do you know how customer orders are processed? Or how shipping information is shared? There is a good chance that EDI will play an important role in this. Yet a large part of supply chain professionals do not know this. EDI only receives the necessary attention when it does not work.

Which EDI set-up suits my company best?

Go-webEDI, integrated EDI, API or a mix of all solutions? There is no one size fits all when it comes to EDI. Contact us for a tailor-made proposal.

EDI Frequently Asked Questions

A summary of our most frequently asked questions.

How does Descartes Go-webEDI work in a nutshell?

What are the advantages of Descartes' Go-webEDI compared to other EDI solutions?

Additional information

e-book 50 ans d'EDI

EDI benchmark

This research provides an insight into the world of EDI within the supply chain. In addition to outlining the current situation, we take a look into the future.
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