The US, UK, EU, and now China have far-reaching export controls, sanctions, and anti-corruption initiatives, match this with local regulations and you have a perfect storm of compliance to navigate through. This annual Sanctions, Anti-Corruption & Export Controls Compliance in the Middle East conference is the one place where you, as a local compliance specialist, can find a way through.

This conference has been produced with you the compliance specialist ‘on the ground’ in mind. It is designed to allow you to learn from your peers and benchmark your program with not only the global leaders but also with local prominent companies. This is the must-attend conference in the region where you will meet eminent speakers from the UAE, Saudi Arabia as well as other GCC and leading global specialists, we look forward to meeting you.

Shahab Wahdatehagh, Director of Sales for Global Trade at Descartes, will be presenting the latest updates on denied party screening, explaining why it is important to do sanctioned party screening. 

Event Location
Dubai, UAE
2022 May 30 - 2022 May 31
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