Descartes B2B™ EZE Collaboration (formerly Appterra's ITZEZE Platform) is a cloud-based integration and applications platform that enables companies to seamlessly connect to customers, suppliers, manufacturers, carriers, intermediaries, networks and more regardless of IT capabilities, communications environment, data standards or unique business processes. With a flexible turn-key structure, the solution can rapidly on-board new trading partners, easily accept a broad range of message types, reduce manual processes and minimize transaction costs across the entire value chain.

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With the Descartes B2B Collaboration EZE solution, businesses can:

  • Minimize labor costs through automation
  • Reduce inventory with enhanced planning, collaboration and visibility
  • Enable proactive customer service through exception management
  • Standardize global procurement processes
  • Enhance data quality
  • On-board trading partners more rapidly with repeatable and re-usable connections
  • Enable customer and supplier discounts
  • Enhance compliance, minimize charge-backs, returns and fees

Customer Success Stories

Descartes B2B EZE Collaboration helps businesses achieve meaningful gains and practical results. With our advanced solution in place, companies have:

  • Realized $U.S. 1 million in cost savings and reduced 12,000 man-hours
  • Automated 50% of supplier transaction volume, improved productivity and insight
  • Achieved visibility into shipment status during transport, enhanced supply chain control, sped issue resolution and realized a higher level of informed decision-making

About the Appterra Acquisition

Descartes has acquired Appterra, a leading US-based provider of cloud-based business-to-business (“B2B”) supply chain integration solutions. Appterra helps its customers connect electronically, automate supply chain processes, and enhance collaboration and visibility among global trading partners.

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Descartes’ strategy is focused on growing and operating the most complete and interoperable global Logistics Technology Platform. Descartes’ Logistics Technology Platform uniquely combines the Global Logistics Network (GLN), a wide range of modular and interoperable logistics applications and the largest community of logistics-intensive companies in the world. The acquisition advances Descartes’ strategic objective to strengthen its global presence and leadership position by:

  • Expanding Descartes’ network capabilities and enhancing trading partner enablement;
  • Strengthening Descartes’ B2B integration application footprint with additional EDI-oriented standard system adaptors for commerce connectivity; and
  • Adding a community of B2B customers and domain experts.

Extending Descartes’ Global Logistics Network

Descartes’ Global Logistics Network (GLN) is the foundation on which the applications and community are built. The GLN provides community members the flexibility to easily connect and collaborate with global trading partners. Appterra expands Descartes’ network capabilities and enhances trading partner enablement.

Enhancing Descartes’ offering of logistics management applications

Descartes’ product strategy is focused on expanding its logistics application functional footprint to provide its customers with the most comprehensive logistics management solutions in the industry. Appterra has been building its network and solutions for over eight years. The acquisition adds new capabilities for commerce connectivity through additional EDI-oriented standard system adaptors that connect mid-market systems to enterprise systems. This helps improve both buy-side procure-to-pay cycles and sell-side order-to-cash cycles.

Growing Descartes’ global multimodal logistics community

Descartes’ logistics community is the largest multimodal network of logistics intensive companies in the world, with parties using its cloud-based services in over 160 countries. Descartes’ mission is to create the world’s most comprehensive networked logistics community. Appterra adds a community of B2B customers and domain experts.

About Appterra

For over eight years, Appterra has helped its customers automate supply chain processes and enhance collaboration and visibility among global trading partners. Led by a team of domain experts that understand supply chain business document processes and data compliance standards across a number of industry verticals, Appterra provides B2B integration as a cloud-based service for its customers. Appterra’s solutions help manage and streamline a wide array of complex, mission-critical documents found in typical procure-to-pay and order-to-cash processes.

The acquisition makes Appterra’s customers members of the world’s premier global logistics community – The Global Logistics Network – facilitating improved performance and productivity of logistics operations around the world. As part of this community, Appterra’s customers will have access to additional solutions via Descartes’ Logistics Technology Platform to improve rate management, dock appointment scheduling, transportation management, routing and scheduling, and in-transit inventory visibility.