Using Import and Export Trade Data to Deliver Business Intelligence

Decision makers need to reveal patterns from import and export trade data to discover the macro and micro trends of global trade. With the right information on hand, market leaders have a substantial advantage, and are better able to identify new business opportunities, locate new sources of supply and minimize risk.

Finding actionable insight has traditionally been challenging since there is not enough trade data available, the information is not in the right format or is simply outdated. Descartes Datamyne™ solves these traditional challenges with actionable business intelligence.

View a quick animation that shows how companies can better analyze the flow of goods across borders, make better sourcing decisions, keep track of key commodities and trace supply chain relationships. The animation also explains how companies can leverage trade data to reveal new market possibilities, quickly locate new sales leads and boost potential revenue to new heights.

Descartes Datamyne features the world’s largest searchable trade database covering the global commerce of 230 markets across 5 continents. The solution sets the industry standard for accuracy, reliability and reach.

We do the heavy lifting for you by reviewing, standardizing and cleaning trade data and delivering it in an intuitive format.

Descartes Datamyne is part of our Global Trade Content solution suite that helps businesses achieve higher trade compliance rates, increase insight and leverage market research, reduce the risk of transacting with denied parties and minimize duty spend. From fueling Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Global Trade Management (GTM) systems with trade content, streamlining automation, improving classification processes, driving e-commerce solutions, providing actionable intelligence through global import-export data and more; Descartes Global Trade Content unites technology and people with the trade information to power international commerce and improve compliance.

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Written by Mark Segner

Vice President, Global Sales Datamyne at Descartes