Global Anti-Money Laundering Regulations and the Imperative for Business

The Canada Gazette Part II was published on May 6, 2015.  Outlined within the Gazette are changes to regulations relevant to Highway Carriers moving trucks and cargo into Canada.  These enhanced regulations give Highway Carriers 45 days to fully comply with the data collection requirements established by Canada Border Service Agency’s (CBSA) Automated Commercial Environment (ACI) eManifest initiative.

CBSA’s eManifest requires Highway Carriers to transmit information about their trucks, trailers, drivers and cargo at least 1 hour prior to arrival at the Canadian port of entry.

During the 45 days, no penalties will be issued to those Highway Carriers who are not compliance with eManifest.  Once the 45 days have expired, however, CBSA will issue “zero-rated” AMPS penalties.  No financial penalty will be levied, but the penalty will serve as a warning to Highway Carriers that they need to move into compliance.  This period of “zero-rated” AMSP penalties will last for 6 months. After 6 months, full AMPS will be levied, including fines.

Don’t wait for your AMPS first penalty.  Customers using Descartes’ ACI Highway eManifest solution are already in full compliance with the eManifest requirements. 

Through an easy-to-navigate web interface, the ACI Highway eManifest software service enables the submission of cargo report information independently and can create, in one session, a complete manifest that is in compliance with CBSA e-Manifest requirements. The information submitted to CBSA includes the following: U.S. Port of Exit, Arrival Date, Port of Entry, Port of Destination, Importer, Consignee, Shipper, Notify Party and Line Details.

Truck drivers can print out a conveyance package which contains barcodes and A9 Highway Conveyance Form information to efficiently pass through the border.

Capabilities and benefits of Descartes ACI Highway eManifest software includes: 

  • Full validation of eManifest data prior to submission
  • Ability File on-behalf of other Carriers
  • Autocompletes to identify and enter standard codes (Country Code, Office Code, Warehouse Codes) quickly
  • Profile databases for shipper, consignee, companies, driver and equipment data used on repeated shipments.
  • Detailed reports and email e-Alerts immediately alert users to border crossing problems or manifest errors.
  • Automated EDI Interface, with support for industry standard file formats.
  • White label affinity capability
  • Transmits information via the secure Descartes GLN, protecting the privacy of trading parties