Phase three of the CBSA’s Advance Commercial Information (ACI) program, called eManifest, becomes mandatory on November 1, 2012. As a resource to help importers meet the new requirements of ACI eManifest, Descartes has put together an ACI eManifest Resource Centre on our website, containing important links, web seminars, and answers to frequently asked questions about the upcoming customs regulatory changes.

On August 22, we sponsored a web seminar hosted by American Shipper, “Compliance Roundup: Inside Track on Customs Regulatory Change.”  I was the Descartes speaker on a panel, along with three other industry experts, including: Jim Blaeser, Publisher, American Shipper; Daniel Baldwin, Executive Director, Cargo and Conveyance Security, U.S. Customs and Border Protection; and Oryst Dydynsky, Principal, DAP International Trade Consulting. The purpose of this web seminar was to provide guidance on best practices in global trade management, including:

  • Air Cargo Advanced Screening (ACAS)
  • Importer Security Filing (ISF)
  • Simplified Entry
  • C-TPAT
  • Centers of Excellence and Expertise
  • Collaboration Between U.S. and Canadian Customs
  • Technology Requirements and Advantages

This web seminar is a resource for those looking to navigate the details of compliance. If you missed it, you can download or stream it by clicking here, or access it anytime from our ACI eManifest Resource Centre. In addition to the web seminar recording, you can also access a transcript of questions asked during or after the web seminar, along with the panelists' answers. Some of these questions were asked during the presentation; some submitted after. To access the transcript, visit our website at

Should you have any questions, contact us! We can help your business smoothly transition to a cargo security compliance solution that best fits your needs.

Written by Cindy Yamamoto

 Senior Vice President, Global Logistics Product Strategy at Descartes