Retailers are under intense financial pressure. Consumers expect products to be on the shelves or in the warehouse ready to ship at a moment’s notice. As a result, retailers are acutely aware that they must have products where and when they’re needed.

With so much price pressure, retailer margins are getting squeezed and they cannot afford to carry excess inventory. Consequently, retailers are focusing on their suppliers to help them be more reactive to the market and flawlessly execute.

To get the level of performance they need from their suppliers, retailers have turned to chargebacks.

Countering Retail Chargebacks

The good news for suppliers is that chargebacks can be virtually eliminated with the right strategies, tactics and technology.

Suppliers that can operate in lock step with their retail customers are more likely to gain business, reduce the order-to-cash cycle and the administrative time and costs related to disputes. With solutions that enforce compliance with an individual retailer’s processes and data quality expectations, suppliers are better positioned to minimize the impact of chargebacks.

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Topics include:

  • The real reasons why retailer chargebacks are increasing
  • Vendor compliance by the numbers, hot trends and statistics
  • Even with EDI as a “must”, why suppliers are still receiving supply chain and data-related chargebacks
  • A practical self-assessment worksheet to uncover chargeback challenges
  • How best-in-class suppliers are meeting retail vendor compliance expectations with the right solution

About the Descartes Solution

Descartes B2B™ EZE Collaboration solution is an integration and applications platform that enables companies to rapidly establish connections to retail trading partners regardless of IT capabilities, communications environment, data standards or unique business processes.

The solution can identify retail chargeback trends over time, validate and structure transmissions to reduce chargebacks before they occur, and consolidate retailer communication in a central location to locate macro-level trends.

From procurement to settlement, Descartes B2B Purchase-to-Pay and Order-to-Cash solutions also provide a framework for companies to expand to multiple methods of streamlined trading partner connectivity.

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