Louisiana-based Dupré Logistics is a privately held, asset-based provider of transportation and logistics services that include energy and chemical transport, dedicated truck transportation, site logistics, and freight brokerage. Dupré specializes in tanker, hazmat, petrochemical transportation and complex supply chain solutions in industrial and consumer products.

In two years, Dupré has more than tripled the size of its Strategic Capacity Services group and the company plans to double its revenue in the next four years. Having the right technology partners is a key part of the company’s growth strategy and, to support the aggressive growth of its brokerage division, Dupré chose to deploy the Descartes MacroPoint freight visibility solution. Dupré understands, from experience, that driver adoption and coverage are critical for accurate and timely freight visibility. With the highest driver adoption rate and the largest carrier visibility network in the industry, the company believes that Descartes MacroPoint is the right solution for its customers and carriers.

4 reasons to use Descartes MacroPoint for Freight Visibility

With greater customer expectations for visibility and increasingly constrained carrier capacity, logistics organizations need a platform like Descartes MacroPoint to proactively manage transportation by taking advantage of advanced freight visibility.

With Descartes MacroPoint, shippers, brokers and 3PLs have:

  1. a cost-effective freight visibility solution engineered to track ANY shipment they have tendered to a third-party carrier.
  2. Integrated with a wide range of transportation management systems (TMS) systems,
  3. Descartes MacroPoint automates the entire process, eliminating the need for drivers to check in with dispatchers, and for shippers and brokers to check in with carriers.
  4. To date, over 1 million drivers and 2 to 3 million trucks in North America are a part of the “Descartes MacroPoint–enabled” network.

How Freight Visibility Software Improves Transportation Performance   

The cloud-based Descartes MacroPoint freight tracking platform gives logistics service providers, like Dupré Logistics, carriers, brokers and shippers, real-time visibility into shipment status.

Organizations can:

  • closely monitor, predict, and manage by exception the real-time movement of all their freight in one portal
  • take proactive, corrective action before any potential supply chain disruptions occur.
  • use this robust, automated solution - companies of all sizes can eliminate the need for time-consuming and ineffective check calls with carriers to ascertain load location details, streamline transportation operations, and
  • improve communication about in-transit freight across the supply chain. 

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