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We would like to announce our latest white paper, Automated Commercial Environment (ACE): Pathways for Success. This interactive document is unique in the marketplace in that it does not simply recycle existing CBP material, but provides practical worksheets, illustrations, guides and tips on how to succeed given the regulatory framework.

With deadlines on the horizon, customs brokers and importer self-filers are keeping a close watch on developments in ACE and the potential impact the changes may have on their businesses. This white paper details how successful adopters are taking a strategic approach to ACE adoption, with critical evaluations at key milestones.

The document explores in an interactive, self-paced framework how market leaders are developing organizational/procedural refinements to adopt the best internal procedures.  Learn how successful filers are using a single vendor or systems integrator to bring all the critical components of ACE compliance together on a unified platform.

We invite you to review this engaging document that includes:

  • History – Where We’ve Been and Where We’re Going
  • What’s Different – New Methods
  • The Key Benefits
    • A high-level overview and background of each
    • A more detailed look for compliance professionals
    • Pathways for success that shows what market leaders are doing to gain an edge
  • A questionnaire and technology self-assessment worksheet
  • Next Steps – Procedures that businesses can take to move forward and strategy assessment worksheet

Please click the below URL to download:

Automated Commercial Environment (ACE) Timeline 


Automated Commercial Environment (ACE) at a Glance