Helping our Customers Keep Pace with ACE (Automated Commercial Environment)

Keeping pace with the latest regulations is critical to speed the movement of goods across borders. For years, many U.S. Customs brokers and self-filing importers have struggled with the added cost and inefficiencies of processes such as paper-based Post Entry Amendments (PEAs), U.S. Census rejections and more. With U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) transitioning all electronic trade processing to ACE, many of these remaining manual processes are scheduled to be eliminated or greatly reduced.

Unlike other regulations that place further regulatory burdens and processes on customs brokers and self-filing importers, ACE is anticipated to provide added benefits and increase efficiencies. With the move to ACE continuing in staged deployments, it is essential that filers have the tools they need to effectively transition to this new system of record.

As a leading innovator in the field of regulatory compliance, Descartes has developed solutions to help our customers take advantage of ACE-enabled features within one of the most advanced, feature-rich platforms available in today’s marketplace.

Our ACE-enabled features include:

  • Post-Summary Corrections (PSCs) – Corrections can now be electronically transmitted to CBP via ACE, helping to enable faster refund processing time and replacing paper-based Post Entry Amendments (PEAs)
  • Electronic Census Warnings – Resolve census warnings electronically to help speed processes and reduce added paperwork
  • Remote Location Filing (RLF) for Type 03 Entry Summaries – Antidumping (AD)/Countervailing (CVD) consumption entry summaries (Entry Type 03) can now be filed via ACE remotely, helping to eliminate the added expense and lost revenue of outsourcing processing to the port of arrival
  • Periodic Monthly Statement (PMS) – Payments are collected once a month instead of on a transaction-by-transaction basis, helping to reduce administrative costs
  • ACE Cargo Release (Formerly Called Simplified Entry) – This key functionality helps to streamline the release of cargo with the electronic transmission of a reduced number of data elements
  • Document Imaging System (DIS) – Allows for the electronic filing of approved documents with CBP and other PGAs, instead of filing via conventional paper methods
  • And others

Descartes’ solutions are unique in that our customers can benefit from the added functionality of ACE compliance while achieving a higher level of productivity and increased efficiency. We offer our customers a choice of ACE-enabled solutions including:

  • Advanced, enterprise-level, high-tech options with deep functionality and added integrative capabilities; ideal for multi-location, multi-agent operations
  • Flexible options for independent brokers and/or lower-volume, importer self-filers

All of our service offerings are based on a flexible, modular framework enabled to grow with you as your business expands.