Enabling the Electronic Airway Bill for Tracking, Global Security Filing Compliance, The eAWB Single Process Approach & More

Descartes understands the complexity of the marketplace for air carriers.  From obtaining airway bill information from forwarders, enabling the eAWB Single Process approach, maintaining the highest level of customer visibility and keeping pace with changing electronic protocols, the industry faces multiple challenges. 

We offer the industry’s leading communication and messaging infrastructure for air carriers. We can also provide a streamlined web-based portal for airlines to meet expanding electronic compliance requirements and easily collect information from forwarders and Ground Handling Agents (GHAs).

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Our solutions are:

Streamlined – With the growth of the eAWB Single Process approach, Descartes’ advanced message translation protocols can reduce complexity and minimize the IT workload on a carrier’s business.

Accessible – Descartes provides easily accessible options for forwarders and Ground Handling Agents (GHAs) to submit all required eAWB details to seamlessly populate carrier platforms.

Flexible –Descartes also offers some of the most advanced capabilities available to repurpose the electronic airway bill for tracking, compliance & connectivity.

Connective – With a proven ability to connect multiple parties, Descartes’ solutions can provide airlines with the technology required to gather eAWB information to ultimately enhance the end customer’s experience and strengthen client loyalty.

Secure – Our platform provides stable and encrypted connections to reliably exchange electronic airway bill information and more.

Accurate – Our validation methodology helps to ensure that the airway bill data received is correct and properly formatted before it enters a carrier’s system.

Extensible – Descartes’ technology can expand with a carrier’s needs in parallel with business growth as airlines expand into new regions and product offerings.

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