Increases Order Fulfillment with Expandable ERP Functionality 

Descartes OzLink has been a true partner. They were the best team to work with, and we could not have been successful without them.
-Paige Horn, Chief Operating Officer, Dixie Paper Company

Dixie Paper Company, founded in 1976, is a leading supplier in the paper, packaging and sanitary maintenance supply sectors as well as in chemical distribution. The company realized that it needed to upgrade legacy systems to technology that can support growth and provide added functionality for sales representatives. By implementing Descartes OzLink™ for NetSuite, Dixie Paper Company was able to achieve robust order fulfillment capabilities, improve customer service and leverage technology that could scale as  business expanded.

The Challenge
Dixie Paper realized that its legacy Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system, Infor A+, was overdue for an upgrade. The operations team was managing thousands of products across warehouses and required added functionality. In addition, although sales support representatives could create orders to be fed into Infor A+, they could not capture e-commerce orders and customers had no visibility into order status.

  • The Infor A+ system was too rigid and did not include the architecture or features required to support Dixie Paper’s strategic growth plans. The primary challenges included:
  • Poor visibility across the entire company
  • Lack of flexibility, which made it difficult to continuously improve customer service
  • An aging IT platform that was becoming a potential support risk to the business

The Solution
In addition to selecting and implementing NetSuite, Dixie Paper chose Descartes OzLink for NetSuite Mobile Enterprise to provide wireless receiving and picking using existing mobile computers. The real-time connectivity to NetSuite provides streamlined processes and visibility, ensuring that the warehouse team operates at peak performance. Added benefits include:

  • Orders picked by truck route, with pickers allocated by zone to drive a higher level efficiency
  • The ability to enter online customer orders with visibility into real-time order status based on warehouse   activities
  • Streamlined order fulfillment with the capacity to handle over 300 orders per day
  • Streamlined truck loading with wireless fulfillment of orders by truck route
  • Improved visibility and inventory control across two warehouse locations