Improving Customer Satisfaction with Ecommerce Warehouse Software

Fashion brand Mister Zimi relied on mobile inventory “apps” for stock management and third-party logistics (3PL) providers for their order fulfillment. The company soon realized that it needed to take back control of operations to improve the customer experience. After a 5-week implementation, Mister Zimi is now using the Descartes Peoplevox™ solution to enable fulfillment and improve warehouse operations. As a result, the company realized faster order processing, more accurate inventory control, and higher customer satisfaction.

Challenge: Inadequate Inventory Management and Fulfillment

Even though Mister Zimi had a growing online presence in addition to its retail locations, it had not used ecommerce warehouse software. Orders were processed through Shopify and logistics providers with some inventory management handled through basic internal processes. The manual procedures especially resulted in wide-spread fulfillment issues, particularly during fashion collection launches. Orders were pulled using paper picklists and manual processes which led to inaccurate inventory control and picking inefficiencies. 

“Descartes Peoplevox has allowed us to use our space more efficiently. Previously there was no method to the madness but now we have great logic with the system. As a company who is growing every day, Descartes Peoplevox helps us achieve more and more with each and every season.”

--Morgan Olszak, Customer Experience Manager, Mister Zimi

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Solution: Using Ecommerce Warehouse Software to Improve the Customer Experience

After rapid implementation and training, Mister Zimi went live with Descartes Peoplevox ahead of its target rollout date. Specifically designed to handle warehouse management for ecommerce order fulfillment, the Descartes solution led to faster and more efficient order processing. The changes made to its warehouse also had a direct impact on the customer experience. The solution now enables customers to “fast-track” orders and edit or cancel orders on-demand. This added to the overall shopping experience and resulted in multiple five-star reviews soon after rollout of the Descartes solution.

Collection launches, the busiest time for the brand, no longer suffer from delays. Since Descartes Peoplevox allows the company to handle peak order volume and increased demand, collection launches are now seen as an opportunity to grow instead of a challenge.


Results Rapid and Simple Implementation : A 5-week implementation process allowed Mister Zimi to quickly improve workflows and see the benefits of a warehouse management solution. Expedited Order Processing Times

Improving warehouse management and inventory tracking allowed the brand to keep up with increased order volume, especially during peak season. Elimination of Cancelled Orders

With advanced reporting features and inventory control, Mister Zimi no longer faces frustrated customers and cancelled orders.