Freight Optimization for First – And Last-Mile Success

Descartes Local Haulage™ helps third-party logistics providers (3PLs), freight forwarders, ocean carriers and intermodal marketing corporations (IMCs) manage their dray haulers and cartage agents more efficiently. It provides companies with load optimization software for their first- and last-mile carriers, including planning and optimizing of shipments, load tendering, freight audit, collection of pick-up and proof-of-delivery (POD) status information, and quick connection to carriers. Using its network of over 1,400 connected truckers, Descartes enables fast electronic communications with local trucking companies for load tender and confirmation, freight invoices and “pick up/delivery” status messages.

Descartes Local Haulage is a transportation management solution to help consolidate shipments and find backhauls; more efficiently tender loads; receive electronic pick-up and delivery status messages from carriers; and more effectively audit and pay contract carriers.


Descartes' Load Optimization Features

Planning and Optimization

Collects information from back office systems, identifies shipments, and then automatically looks for backhauls, local multi-stop opportunities and lowest cost carriers.

Automated Carrier Dispatch and Confirmation

Tenders loads to selected carriers with the press of a button and sends pick-up information. Enables carriers to automatically accept pickup via an electronic message or by e-mail.

Status Messages

Provides company-wide visibility to make sure each day’s shipments have been picked up and delivered. Collects the pickup and delivery information that customers need to properly run their businesses, and provides one of the two documents needed (along with the invoice) to trigger payment.

Wireless Communications

Lets carriers communicate wirelessly with pick-up and proof of delivery status messages.

Centralized Freight Invoice Management

Provides an electronic invoice from the trucking companies and gives local offices of third-party logistics providers (3PLs), freight forwarders, ocean carriers and IMCs the ability to authorize the invoice. Lets local offices confirm weight, authorize any special charges and confirm payment amount. Sends invoices back to corporate with approvals for payments. Matches invoices to quotes from the local haulage database and can authorize automatic payment of invoices, within an acceptable tolerance range, without requiring human intervention.Descartes LNOS-based product or external open database-compliant (OBDC) system


Solutions for LTL Carriers and Freight Forwarders

Solutions for LTL

LTL carriers are among the most challenged when it comes to maintaining service delivery excellence in a rapidly changing business environment. Fortunately, enabling technologies are now available to help LTL carriers better manage their delivery cycles. Descartes offers supply chain and logistics solutions as an on-demand, pay-as-you go model, or as traditional, installed applications. With Descartes, customers can realize the benefits of applications providing real-time delivery data in order to improve routing, optimization and overall customer service.

Solutions for Freight Forwarders

Ensures forwarders have much needed control over contract carrier based shipments. Across the entire contracted transportation management lifecycle, Descartes enables forwarders to make better consolidation decisions and streamlines the carrier bid, tendering, settlement, and freight auditing processes to help reduce costs and improve customer service.