The level of supply chain disruption caused by the global COVID-19 pandemic created unprecedented challenges for this essential industry.

Whether fighting to keep grocery products on the shelves or scrambling to drum up new sales to offload inventory, distributors were under extreme pressure to ensure people have access to food and consumer staples. Many operations are exploring new inventory strategies and distribution channels to take advantage of changing customer requirements.

In a volatile market, logistics technology can help your distribution operations stay afloat and actually thrive. Leading organizations are embracing innovative technology to lower operating costs, increase productivity, and meet higher customer expectations.

This guide explores how food and beverage distributors can leverage supply chain solutions to improve operations and be prepared to pivot in times of extreme volatility.

Download the supply chain guide to learn how others are navigating today’s landscape.

  • Identify Trends & Challenges
  • Improve Delivery Efficiency
  • Exceed Service Expectations
  • Boost Workforce Productivity
  • Ensure Product Integrity & Safety
  • Build Business Intelligence

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