The air freight industry faces tight margins. Costs are shared across the entire air cargo supply chain. With tight operating margins, carriers are moving to the eAWB to maximize productivity, improve profits and better comply with security filing requirements. With carrier fees for paper airway bills, large non-asset based costs and airlines adopting the eAWB Single Process approach, forwarders are rolling out the eAWB and realizing benefits.

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eAWB Infographic

Leading air forwarders realize the potential of the eAWB, and view the initiative as an opportunity to differentiate a service offering and improve processes. Some of the key benefits of the eAWB including:

  • Paper On-Demand:  For those trade lanes and shipments that still require paper, hard copies of an eAWB can be created on-demand, which improves productivity.
  • Messaging: Digital messages can be streamed directly into a customer’s Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution or provided on-demand.
  • Accuracy: Added data integrity and consistency throughout the shipping process as well as the ability to reduce errors is a key benefit.
  • Data Entry: Moving to the eAWB can provide a foundation for forwarders to automate processes and reduce manual tasks.
  • Recordkeeping: With electronic information on hand, paper is eliminated and previous airway bill details can be viewed instantaneously.
  • Customer Service: Access to digital information can help to provide added visibility as shipments move through the supply chain and hit critical milestones (such as loading).

With over two decades of experience helping forwarders communicate electronically with air carriers, Descartes is the global leader in electronic air cargo (system-to-system) messaging. The Descartes eAWB solutions can help forwarders:

  • Save money with quicker processes, less paper and further automation
  • Easily create electronic air waybills and reduce duplicate data entry
  • Receive real-time status updates enabling forwarders to improve customer service
  • Increase data quality and better manage recordkeeping requirements

Download the Infographic as a PDF.