Lubox made the switch to Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) about 15 years ago at the request of the do-it-yourself sector. This decision was driven by the need for efficiency and accuracy, in addition to meeting market requirements. Previously, the process was manual, including sending and scanning PDF documents. The benefits of EDI, such as reduced error rates and operational improvements, were compelling enough to continue investing in this technology. Today, 80% of transaction messages between Lubox and its DIY customers are exchanged via EDI. This is clear proof of the success of the collaboration, a partnership with Descartes since the start.

“Initially setting up EDI takes some time, but after that, you don't have to worry about it anymore. It is a flawless solution that is very easy to maintain. This distinguishes EDI from other IT solutions that often require more maintenance.”

Sipke Bakker, Controller at Lubox

Challenge: Digitizing the supply chain message flow for greater efficiency

As global trade grows increasingly intricate, the risk of sensitive technologies ending up in For years, the DIY market has required its suppliers to seamlessly exchange messages such as orders, digital order forms and invoices via EDI. As a company focused on this important target group, Lubox understood the need to meet these demands. The move to EDI not only offered the opportunity to meet these expectations, but also promised significant efficiencies and cost savings. With these benefits in prospect, the decision to switch to EDI was a logical and impactful step for Lubox.

Solution: B2B Messaging / Integrated EDI

Lubox aimed to digitize the flow of documents, such as orders, packing slips and invoices. The pressure from retailers and DIY companies to use EDI, combined with the benefits of automated and standardized communication, led Lubox to the integrated EDI solution from Descartes.

Sipke Bakker, Controller and co-manager at Lubox, emphasizes the impact of EDI on daily business operations: "I rarely receive notifications about stopped flows or errors. Thanks to EDI, the rest of the organization has real-time insight into orders, which is essential for sales, purchasing and inventory management." The time-consuming and error-prone process of manual entry of orders received via fax or e-mail has been replaced by a more efficient system. Bakker adds: “Compared to the old way of working, checking orders in EDI is more like opening a present.”

The volume of messages has increased over the years, especially with the addition of home deliveries for the DIY sector. Although the individual order value is not high, the larger message volume makes EDI an excellent solution for keeping everything under control. Currently, 80% of transactions in the DIY sector is processed via EDI.

The long-term collaboration with Descartes is running smoothly according to Bakker: "There is no reason to change supplier. The service handling is fast and reliable, which is crucial for the continuity of our business operations."

The Results

Insight into order volume

The seamless integration of the Dow Jones 50% compliance framework empowers PCE to Unlike a traditional mailbox, EDI offers direct insight into incoming orders. This enables the entire organization, including purchasing and inventory management, to focus directly on it.

Lower error margin

Automating the message flow ensures a lower margin of error by eliminating the need to manually copy and enter orders into the ERP system.

Cost savings

EDI offers lasting savings in resources and processes for Lubox and the company could no longer do without it.

Efficiency gains

EDFrom the start, Lubox has achieved major efficiency gains: the company can respond quickly to customer requests and does not have to worry about automatically exchanging large volumes of messages thanks to the user-friendly solution.


Since its start in 1977, Lubox has specialized in importing softwood. As a wood specialist for garden, construction and packaging wood for the do-it-yourself sector, retail and the wood industry, the company has now expanded its market reach to various sectors and several countries.

Success Story

Lubox & Boers Garden + Wood

Importation, distribution et production de bois

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B2B Messaging / Integrated EDI

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