Experience the time-saving benefits of automated restricted party screening  

Smart organizations are minimizing the time spent on screening—while also maximizing compliance and improving the bottom line—by automating screening through integration with their business systems. Descartes Visual Compliance™ Integrated Restricted Party Screening helps to ensure consistent and reliable screening regardless of the number of daily transactions.

How Descartes Visual Compliance Integrated Restricted Party Screening can help improve your compliance program: 

  • Eliminate manual oversight and human-error by making sure every entry/transaction is screened 
  • Enhance compliance and decrease the potential of fines, penalties, and negative news coverage 
  • Be up-and-running quickly, with a streamlined implementation process  
  • Boost search accuracy through advanced configurable screening algorithms 
  • Improve screening consistency by leveraging a SaaS-driven solution that provides worldwide access, 24/7  
  • Enhance compliance by extending screening throughout the organization through integration with ERPs, CRMs, SCMs, visitor management systems, HR systems and more