Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) Netherlands and Belgium

Do we need to change the templates in our application for the new codes or will this happen automatically?

Yes, you have the change the templates that you have created. Please also check the codes in the interface files you send from your internal systems, and contact us in case we have set up mappings.

Will Customs send an error on the declaration if the BTI code is not sent?

No, there will not be a validation on the BTI codes as the Customs Authorities don’t have a central register. We expect that validations will come in effect later, when the full BTI functionality is implemented in 2017/2018 as part of the EU MASP (Multi-Annual Strategic Plan).

What needs to be changed in our application for the re-export from bonded warehouse? Does this still apply for Sagitta?

In case you use our bonded warehouse application, we need to change the configuration. The re-export also still applies for Sagitta, so not only from AGS export. The export declaration can still be followed by a transit (NCTS) declaration.

The BTI code C626 doesn’t exist yet in the Sagitta export and NCTS code lists, will they still be added?

We expect that the Customs Authorities will still add this code, but we haven’t seen any communication on this topic.